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Alex Diaz   (top)

Alex Diaz

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Alex is a first generation Cuban-American, or as he might put it "made in America with Cuban parts." He is a native of New Jersey, where latin music and culture were an ever-present part of his childhood. However, it was during his college years that his passion for dancing was kindled, while Salsa dancing in New York. Since then Alex has learned from various world renowned instructors including Razz M' Tazz (NY), Cultural Explosion (NJ), Franklin Diaz (NY), Eddie Torres (NY), Frankie Martinez (NY) and Super Mario (UK) to name a few, and he has undergone an instructor certification course with Salsa icon, Edie "The Salsa Freak." Never complacent, he continues to learn from other instructors every chance he gets.

Alex has had the opportunity to share his passion for Salsa and Latin dance through performances and workshops in numerous cities and congresses across the United States and throughout the world, including:

North America: Canada (Montreal & Toronto), USA (New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia & Washington DC)

Europe: Italy (Rome & Torino), UK (London)

Asia: India (Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad & Mumbai), Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok)

Alex has a unique style of dancing that includes a blend of traditional Salsa/Mambo with elements of Guaguanco, Flamenco, Jazz & Modern. He is smooth and graceful, yet powerful and passionate. His connection to and interpretation of the music is uncanny, and you'll often find him singing along while dancing.

His style of teaching focuses on proper technique, body movement and musical timing. His classes are well-structured, detailed, full of energy and fun.

His main goal now is to share his passion for Latin dance and in particular Salsa with anyone who is willing to learn. He wants to spread Salsa to the far corners of India and the world.

Pradeep Nagaraj   (top)

Pradeep Nagaraj

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Pradeep hails from the suburbs of a village called Udupi. Those of you who are foodies are most likely to recognize this zone. He was a pro cricket player for his district in his childhood, and is now a businessman in his late twenties, balancing himself between his real-estate venture, his men's apparel store (aptly named "Tango") and his not-so-long-ago found passion a.k.a. Salsa.

It was in 2006 that he first took his lessons on Rueda de Casino with Cyrille Ngalle from France. Ironically, he only attended these sessions to accompany a friend of his, who no longer dances. He fell in love with what he was learning and holds Cyrille, his first coach, in high regard.

While attending a Salsa social arranged by Furor Entertainment (, he realized that Rueda segued perfectly into Salsa and immediately signed up as a student. Thereafter, the Furor Entertainment ( instructors recognized Pradeep's aptitude for learning new movements and he was taken in under their wings. Having caught the Salsa "bug" in a big way, he has since taken workshops from world renowned dancers the likes of Edie "The Salsa Freak" (US), Akhila (CA), Swing Guys (IT), Junior and Emily (US), Knzo (FR), Dave Paris and Zoe Klein (US), Ara Hwang (VN).

Presently, he is training with Alex, under whose personal attention Pradeep continues to learn the nuances of the dance. Pradeep is dedicated to Furor Entertainment ( and its students, passing on what he has learned so far as one of Furor Entertainment's ( instructors. Apart from the dancing, due to his expertise in the field of Marketing, he is also heavily involved in Furor Entertainment's ( business affairs as one of Furor Entertainment's ( lead Marketing Guys. He has made his mark in Furor Entertainment ( in more ways than visible to any.

Pradeep's style of dancing includes a mix of Freestyle, Bollywood, Cuban, Hip-Hop, Mambo and his favorite, Desi Tapanguchchi. Although, he prefers up-tempo music while dancing, he is also very adept at showing his passionate side on the dance floor during the slower, more romantic numbers. His vision is to make Salsa accessible to all those who love dancing but have yet to experience the Latin dance forms.

Rishikesh Chhabra   (top)

Rishikesh Chhabra

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Rish is first and foremost, a Salsa promoter. He took up Ballroom dancing in college, while reading Engineering at Assumption University, Thailand studying under Ajarn Boonbunjong Uratanamanee and Ajarn Thanawat and was introduced to the languages of the Rumba, the Waltz, the Tango, the Foxtrot and other International Ballroom and Latin dance styles.

After relocating to Bangalore, a chance encounter with Salsa dance at a winter dance workshop hosted at the Alliance Francaise, Bangalore sparked a torrid love affair with the dance form that continues to grow to date. There he studied Rueda and Cuban Style Salsa with Cyrille Ngalle a Cuban Salsa exponent who was visiting from France.

Looking for further growth and wanting to learn LA Style Salsa, he looked around for more options and was fortunate to find Alex Diaz, teaching Salsa at a Club in Bangalore.

From there on, there has been no looking back for Rish. He started training under Alex and formally joined the Furor team as a dancer and started training as an instructor over a year ago. In addition, he takes every opportunity to learn from the best in both India and abroad and have taken workshops with notable national level salsa exponents as well as top international salsa dancers and instructors like Edie (aka Salsa Freak), Dave Paris, Zoe Klein, Junior and Emily, Ricardo Murillo, Viviana Vargas, Juan Matos, Candy Mena, Alex Lee, Kimberly Nodora, Terry & Cécile each adding something unique to his journey as a dancer.

After relocating to Hyderabad, Rish took upon the responsibility of promoting Furor’s unique blend of Salsa, laying the groundwork for its formal entry here by jump-starting Salsa Socials in the city, hosting salsa parties on a weekly basis.

An Operations Manager for a Knowledge Based Support firm by day, Rish brings his varied experience in both managing businesses and in event management and information technology to Furor and is responsible for its online presence management in addition to his role as a Promoter in Hyderabad.

In addition to dance, he has a strong interest in Information Technology, Event Management, Alternative Energy and Journalism. A poet, a writer, a musician and a dancer, he has a strong interest in creative endeavors and works hard to balance his varied interests in both the arts and the sciences.